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With topSHAPE:

1. Manage your programs

With TopShape, you can create your own custom programs, whether it's for time-based, distance-based, or repetitions-based training.

You can even create workouts that include all these types of exercises, and manage your resting times precisely.

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Entraînements TopShape

2. Do your workouts

Once you have saved your programs in the TopShape dashboard, you can easily perform your workouts. A Timer can be launched for rest times and time-based exercises.

Add a comment to your workout to remind you of specific details of your workouts such as your shape of the day, how tired you are, or whether or not you reached your goals.

3. Follow your physical progress

Record your current shape, such as your weight, height, measurements and even photos.

Come back later to save your new shape and compare your evolution.

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4. Share your athlete profile

With TopShape, not only can you create your training programs and track your progress, but you can also create your athlete profile and share your own page, get subscribers and subscribe to other athletes to track their progress and share your own.

This feature is under development. Read our Roadmap.

More to come!

Many other features will be available through our future updates 😎

What are you waiting for? It's free!

Our training and progress management tool is free, and it will remain so! Some features require the Premium plan.

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